Why choose KBBLink?

KBBLink is a secure online portal for kbb suppliers to manage and distribute pricelists. Upload, configure, manage and stream 

accurate pricelists direct to your authorised customers in real time. Automate order taking and generate effortless sales!

Why choose KBBLink?

  • Reach your retail channel effortlessly
  • Update pricelists in real-time
  • Promote new products
  • Control pricelists
  • Receive orders electronically
  • Improve speed & accuracy
  • Deliver accurate reports
  • Link related products and cross sale items
  • We also develop electronic ordering solutions 

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Network anywhere, anytime!

Partner with us and let our secure online services increase your products' reach, automate order taking and generate effortless sales.

Stream pricelists direct to your authorised customers. Introduce new ranges and deliver accurate information that links related products and cross sale items.

Save time and money with real-time data and information, and by receiving electronic orders in your sales processing department.

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We've been honing our craft for over two decades, developing solutions to help 

you run your business effortlessly and maximise profits seamlessly.

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