Bedroom design trends for 2023

23.01.23 10:45 AM By Alex Rollinger

It is probably not surprising that with the continued emphasis on home-life – in all its various forms – that designing and decorating a room tends to be more personalised than previously.  Combined with economic pressures, the aim is more than ever to create a space that works for the homeowner – rather than to impress others. It’s time to go back in time and revel in nostalgia.  

Think rich large-bloom floral prints, in blues, pinks and yellows.  Or if florals really do not suit, then ginghams and stripes create an equally nostalgic feel, which is also cheerful and bold.  And for those who resist pattern no matter what, colour drenching is the answer with floors, walls and ceiling all painted or covered in the same colour – which can help to create a cocooning atmosphere and often make the room look larger. 

Statement headboards have been a feature for several years now, and they continue to be – providing a relatively easy way of updating and bringing extra personality into a bedroom.  Patterned upholstery can be introduced in the headboard, whilst any opportunity to incorporate scalloped edges should be seized.  The scallop is a real throw-back to the 1970s, and is very much on trend again in 2023. 

No matter which design option is chosen, the bedroom should exude an atmosphere of being a calm, peaceful, safe haven with plenty of individual personality. 

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Alex Rollinger