Local sustainability award badge awarded

22.04.22 07:18 AM By Alex Rollinger

We are pleased to announce that KBBConnect and its sister company ArtiCAD, has been awarded the Watford Sustainable Business ‘Committed’ badge! This is to certify that we have started our journey and are committed to improving our companies sustainability. KBBConnect and ArtiCAD is working in collaboration with ‘Sustainable X’ to accelerate and develop our sustainable business strategy.  

This programme will involve a team from KBBConnect and ArtiCAD meeting with the Sustainable X organisation, to map out a formal business strategy to increase our ‘sustainability’. A team of volunteers for this exciting venture has been set up, consisting of Theresa Turner, Josh Freeth, Rachel Partridge, Rachel Wilks, Alex Rollinger and Toby Waltham. 

Sustainable X offers fully funded sustainability support to accelerate business sustainability; engaging staff, customers and suppliers helping them to communicate their authentic activities and progress without green wash. Click here to find out more

Alex Rollinger